76 Best Items for Your Digital Nomad Packing List

As a digital nomad dedicated to long-term travel, I have learned—through much trial and error—how to best pack my backpack, what are the digital nomad essentials, and how to embrace a (relatively) minimalist lifestyle. The top packing tips for the digital nomad lifestyle can be condensed into three words: lightweight, high-quality, and minimalist.

My top packing tips:

  • Avoid clothes that wrinkle easily
  • Avoid too much “dressy” clothing
  • Make sure all of your liquids can fit in a 1-liter bag (if you’re traveling in Europe)
  • Try to only pack things you will use weekly
  • Try to find alternatives to liquid products (makes airplane travel easier)
    • Example: toothpaste for toothpaste tablets
  • If you can’t decide whether you want to pack an item ask yourself if it’s lightweight, durable/high-quality, and if you’ll use it weekly (at least)

Of course, there are always exceptions. Your laptop is heavy but obviously necessary. Your deodorant might not last for months but you still need it. You may not use your rain jacket while you are traveling in warmer areas but it is still great to bring if you plan on moving to a colder region later.

Table of contents:

  1. Ultimate digital nomad packing list travel essentials
  2. Tech Gear
  3. Travel Backpacks
  4. Health & Wellness Travel Essentials
  5. Clothes & Accessories for Women
  6. Clothes & Accessories for Men
  7. Toiletries & Hygiene
  8. Luxury Travel Items for Nomad Travel
  9. Fun Extras on Amazon for Under $7
  10. More essential digital nomad gear

This post includes affiliate links, which means that I may receive commission if you make a purchase through the links (at no additional cost to you).

Ultimate digital nomad packing list travel essentials

Now for the fun part, here are the essential items you need for the digital nomad lifestyle, as well as some unique travel accessories!

Tech Gear

As a remote worker you need to choose your tech gear very carefully. Make sure you invest in quality devices that you can rely on but also aren’t too heavy and won’t take up all of your backpack space.

macbook air amazon lightest notebook

Macbook Air

Laptops are a very personal choice. I prefer the MacBook Air because it is high-quality, has a long battery life, easy to use, and has super fast memory.

universal travel adapter over 150 countries amazon

Universal travel adapter

If you’re planning on hopping between a lot of different countries this is very useful! You can charge 6 devices at once.

kindle e-reader amazon


I love reading and while I prefer a physical book, it’s just not possible when I’m trying to travel light. A Kindle (or another e-reader) is great for saving space and having access to thousands of books.

laptop stand for digital nomads cheap amazon

Laptop stand

Good posture is important for me so having an adjustable laptop stand is amazing for keeping my back straight and not spending the day hunched over. It also makes it easy to work standing up.

noise canceling headphones wireless and bluetooth cheap amazon

Noise-canceling headphones

These are great quality and cheap (compared to Sony or Apple headphones). They are perfect for working in busy places and sleeping soundly in hostels/airplanes.

airpod pros noise cancelling amazon

Airpod Pro

I would recommend packing either the Airpod Pros or noise-canceling headphones since they basically serve the same purpose and you want to save space. I love my Airpod Pros, they have incredible noise cancelation and provide a great audio experience. They are also more lightweight but the downside is that the microphone isn’t the best.

laptop power bank charger amazon

Portable charger for laptop

This is a life saver when you are working at coffee shops or working on a plane/train/bus. They are expensive but worth the investment.

external hard drive digital nomads amazon

External Hard Drive

Easily store and access 2TB to content on the go.

lightning charger fast charge amazon

Anker lightning charger

High-speed charging and made of durable material so it won’t break as easily as normal charging cords.

bluetooth keyboard for digital nomads amazon

Bluetooth keyboard

Many people with laptop stands use a separate keyboard for comfort. This is the perfect travel keyboard since it’s lightweight, durable, and low cost.

pocket charger digital nomads amazon


Universal charger cord that fits in your pocket.

Travel Backpacks

Are you really a digital nomad if you don’t have a classic digital nomad backpack? I would argue no. It just doesn’t feel the same traveling the world with a huge suitcase especially on those cobblestone European streets.

65 liter backpack osprey digital nomad backpack amazon

65 liter backpack

The ideal backpack size is 65 liters so that you can bring it as a plane carry on (which saves you around 60 USD, or more, each flight) but still has enough room for all your essentials. Osprey is my favorite brand, their backpacks are reliable, comfortable, and last forever.

day pack osprey multi-use digital nomads amazon

Day bag

The ultimate digital nomad backpack, this baby is multi-use so you can use it during the week as your coworking laptop bag and then bring it as a day pack for weekend adventures.

travel packing cubes amazon compression and lightweight

Packing cubes

I can fit double the amount of clothes in my backpack with these packing cubes. If you’re trying to optimize your space and stay organized these are essential.

Health & Wellness Travel Essentials

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy! By sticking with a routine it’s easy to eat healthy, get good sleep, and commit to daily workouts while country-hopping.

collapsible travel bottle amazon leak-proof

Reusable water bottle

This is a great pick for a lightweight travel water bottle. It easily fits in your backpack and has a leak-proof top.

silicone tupperware travel amazon collapsible


I love cooking and packing my own lunches no matter where I am. Silicone tupperware containers are perfect because you can squish them into your bag and they won’t take up much space. I only travel with one and I’ve found that it’s enough.

resuable ziploc silicone tight seal amazon

Reusable ziplocs

As someone who tends to pack her own snacks these reusable silicone snack bags are perfect. They are lightweight, have a tight seal, and save plastic! I bring them to work, use them for airport snacks, and for hikes.

blackout sleep mask comfortable amazon

Blackout eye mask

Okay, so this isn’t the cutest sleep mask ever. But this design is perfect for blocking out all light without squishing your face. It’s so soft and is definitely a lifesaver on airplanes and hostels.

travel pillow amazon memory foam

Travel neck pillow

Again, not the cutest option but it is the most comfortable travel pillow on Amazon. It’s made of memory foam, is adjustable, and has a chin support.

lifestraw personal water filter amazon

LifeStraw filter

This pocket-sized water filter is great if you plan on traveling to Latin America, Africa, or Asia (where you can’t drink the tap water).

cheap workout bands for travel cute amazon

Workout resistance bands

These are great if you enjoy working out but won’t have access to gyms while traveling. They are super lightweight and won’t take up any space in your backpack.

reusable earplugs amazon loop soft and flexible noise canceling

Noise canceling earplugs

These Loop earplugs are super comfortable and great for working in busy places and sleeping in hostels/airplanes.

Clothes & Accessories for Women

One of my best travel tips is to buy clothes that double as workout clothes and also clothes for going out (there are examples below). With limited packing space it’s so useful to have a wardrobe that doubles in function. Workout clothes also tend to be lightweight, quick-dry, and don’t wrinkle easily.

How I pack my bag:

1 warm jacket • 1 rain jacket • 15 pairs of underwear • 5 pairs of socks • 3 bras • 5 sports bras/tops • 3 leggings • 2 workout shorts • 1 pair sleeping shorts • 2 pairs of pants • 2 pairs of shorts • 1 swimsuit • 1 skirt • 2 long sleeves • 3 pairs of shoes (Dr. Martens, TEVAs, & running shoes) • 1 light jacket • 7 t-shirts • 1 pair sunglasses • 1 belt bag

sport sandal TEVA quick dry travel shoe

TEVA sport sandal

Instead of packing flip flops, try an outdoor sandal from a brand like TEVA (or Chaco’s are good too). They are the ultimate adventure sandal, you can use them for hiking, water activities, and wear them casually.

athletic shorts for travel lightweight amazon

Athletic Shorts/Casual Shorts

I like to pack shorts that double as athletic and casual wear. These are great because they are lightweight, comfy, and versatile.

brooks running shoes neutral revel 6

Brooks running shoe

Brooks is by far my favorite brand of running shoes, they are the most reliable, comfortable, and durable shoes I own. The Revel 6 Neutral Running Shoe is perfect for me since I use my running shoes not only for trail running but also hiking, weight lifting, and any other sports.

dr. marten unisex low cut shoe amazon

Dr. Martens

This will be a controversial opinion but Dr. Martens are a great travel shoe. Are they super heavy? Yes. But you can just wear them whenever you are on the road. They are so cute, perfect for daily use or going out, and super durable (lifespan of 20+ years).

cute long sleeve workout shirts amazon

Workout long sleeve/going out top

These workout long sleeves are lightweight, breathable, and definitely double as a going out top.

cute workout tops amazon

Workout shirt/going out top

Another great multi-use clothing option, I love these crop tops because I can wear them to the gym, for a hike, to my coworking, or for drinks with friends.

cute yoga short workout shorts amazon seamless

Yoga shorts

Amazon has great workout shorts at cheap prices, there are lots of options but these are some of my favorites. They are seamless, comfortable, high-waisted, and come in lots of different colors.

cute matching gym set amazon seamless

Gym clothes set

Seamless, comfy, and quick-dry cute gym set for travel.

cute matching gym set seamless amazon

Gym clothes set

Seamless, comfy, and quick-dry cute gym set for travel. This top can definitely be used for a going out fit as well.

columbia travel rain jacket amazon

Travel rain jacket

This Columbia rain jacket is great quality, cute, and lightweight.

snap pullover columbia amazon


I love this classic snap pullover by Columbia, it’s soft, comfy, and very warm.

lululemon belt bag travel fashion amazon

Belt bag

Every backpacker/traveler/digital nomad needs a belt bag. They are so easy to travel with and they can double as a cute “going out” purse.

Clothes & Accessories for Men

If you’re a guy who is clueless about fashion, let me help you out. The clothes and accessories below are all classic looks that are also functional and travel friendly.

Example packing template for men (based on a survey I took of my digital nomad guy friends):

1 warm jacket • 1 rain jacket • 10 pairs of underwear • 5 pairs socks • 2 workout shorts • 1 pair of pants • 2 pairs of shorts • 1 bathing suit • 1 long sleeve • 3 pairs of shoes (athletic, casual, & flip flops) • 1 light jacket or flannel • 7 shirts (2 for working out, 1 “nice” shirt, 4 casual) • 1 pair sunglasses • 1 belt bag

columbia waterproof rain jacket amazon men's

Travel rain jacket

Compact and waterproof travel rain jacket from Columbia.

men's travel pants adventure wear amazon columbia

Athletic pants/casual pants

These travel pants are multi-use, wear them on hikes, outdoor adventures, or casually. They are stretchy and have omni-shade that blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburns.

men's t-shirt casual columbia amazon


A casual, comfortable Columbia T-shirt for men.

north face sweatshirt for men amazon


This North Face sweatshirt is made of durable fleece that provides extra comfort and warmth.

carhartt belt bag amazon

Belt bag

Every guy needs a belt bag and the Carhartt bag is the most fashionable and functional one I’ve seen. It has a large main compartment with zippered mesh pocket, a front pouch with a key fob, and is adjustable to wear around the waist (don’t wear it like this unless you’re a dad) or cross body.

TEVA sport sandal for travel amazon

TEVA sport sandal

These sandals can be used for outdoor adventures, water sports, or day-to-day casual use.

comfortable long sleeve for travel amazon

Long-sleeve shirt

A comfortable long-sleeve with a loose fit for casual wear.

linen shirt for men travel amazon

Button down linen shirt

This does break my “no-wrinkle clothes” rule but I think it’s worth it. A light linen shirt is classic, fashionable, and lightweight.

Toiletries & Hygiene

There are so many unique products in the travel toiletry realm, from paper soap to the world’s smallest shaver to deodorant wipes. My best advice when packing your toiletry bag is to minimize your liquids! In European airports (and some other places) all of your liquids must fit in a 1-liter bag and any outliers will be thrown away.

toiletry bag with hook for travel amazon

Toiletry bag with hook

If you’re spending some time in hostels a toiletry bag with a hook will come in handy. This bag is also waterproof and has plenty of inner pockets so you can keep your products organized.

cute microfiber quick-dry travel towel amazon

Travel towel

Use your travel towel for picnics, hostel bath towels (many hostels charge ~3 USD to rent towels), and beach mats. This brand offers plenty of cool designs, each is quick-dry, sand proof, and made of microfiber.

travel toothbrush collapsible design amazon

Foldable toothbrush

Save space with these compact travel toothbrushes.

Electric shaver 

This is a great alternative to shaving whether you are traveling or not, the effects of an epilator lasts up to 4 weeks! It is completely painless and won’t irritate your skin.

men's travel shaver amazon evoshaver

Evo Shaver

The Evo Shaver is the world’s smallest electric shaver for men. 

travel paper soap amazon

Paper soap

Portable soap sheets are perfect for travel, they are lightweight, won’t leave a mess, and easy to pack.

cute pastel travel bottles tsa-approved amazon

Travel bottles

This cute pack of travel bottles is leak-proof, TSA-approved, and includes 4 cream jars, 2 spray bottles, 1 pump bottle, 3 spoons, 1 funnel, 1 cleaning brush, 2 page labels, and 1 mini clear toiletry bag.

all-one tea tree pure castille bar soap amazon

Tea tree pure castille bar

This is the ultimate multi-use soap bar, use it as shampoo, facial cleanser, body wash, or even dish soap. Dr. Bronner’s is my favorite, their products are all-natural, vegan, and fully biodegradable.

deodorant wipes for travel amazon

Deodorant wipes

Deodorant wipes are great for saving space and keeping your pack light. Dew.well towelettes are aluminum, paraben, and sulfate-free, and the pack includes 50 wipes.

rice water protein conditioner bar amazon eco-friendly


Save space in your liquids bag by using a conditioner bar! This solid conditioner is made with rice water protein so it strengthens your hair and provides shine.

cute mini pocket brush for travel women amazon

Pocket hairbrush

This cute pocket brush has a mirror, is lightweight, and low cost.

travel toiletries digital nomads menstrual cup saalt amazon

Menstrual cup

You can wear this menstrual cup up to 12 hours, the material is medical-grade silicone, and it is easy to clean and use. This can be a lifesaver because in many countries they don’t sell tampons or they are hard to find!

Luxury Travel Items for Nomad Travel

For those with extra space in their backpacks and budgets.

gopro hero11 travel digital nomad gear camera amazon

GoPro Hero11

As far as camera gear goes, the GoPro is ideal for the digital nomad lifestyle as they are super lightweight and compact action cameras. The GoPro HERO11 is a great choice since it’s waterproof with 5.3K60 Ultra HD video.

ipad mini for digital nomads amazon

iPad mini

I have the regular iPad but only because I use it a lot for drawing so the extra screen space is useful. However, if you aren’t an illustrator then I would recommend the iPad mini because it has all of the same benefits but is more lightweight and compact. I highly recommend buying it with the Apple Pencil so you can use it for notes, annotating, drawing, journaling, and more. Also, if you don’t have an e-reader then you can use the iPad mini for books.

anti-nausea wristband unique digital nomad gear amazon

Anti-nausea wristband

This anti-nausea wristband is perfect if you often get motion sickness and you plan on traveling in cars, boats, buses, or trains often.

apple airtag unique travel gear amazon

Apple AirTag

I personally don’t use these since I never check in my backpack. But if you have a lot of luggage, plan on checking in your bags, or are generally forgetful, these bluetooth Apple AirTag tracking devices could be useful.

travel speaker jbl go amazon waterproof green

Travel speaker

The JBL Go bluetooth speaker seems to be the most popular speaker among travelers and digital nomads. They are waterproof and lightweight, with great sound.

minipresso portable espresso machine travel gear amazon


Indulge in your caffeine addiction while simultaneously impressing your new travel friends with the Minipresso portable espresso machine. It uses Nespresso coffee capsules and is completely manual, all you need is hot water.

Fun Extras on Amazon for Under $7

cheap toothpaste tablets amazon travel

Toothpaste tablets

I try to minimize my liquids when packing so toothpaste tablets are a great replacement for regular toothpaste. Plus, these tablets are eco-friendly, zero plastic, and whiten your teeth.

cute pizza bandaids amazon

Pizza bandaids

If you’re only planning light adventures, you likely don’t need a first aid kit but some adorable pizza bandaids will always come in handy. Of course, if you’re planning a serious hiking trip then use moleskin.

cute nail file crystal glass amazon

Nail file

I prefer a nail file over nail clippers any day and this crystal nail file is cute and lightweight.

mini notebook water-resistant leather cover amazon

Mini notebook

A travel notebook always come in handy for taking notes, journaling, or planning trips. This mini notebook by Daofary is ruled, water-resistant, and has a durable leather cover.

cute gel pens quick-dry. and fine point amazon

Gel pens

Always pack at least one pen for journaling, taking notes, or filling out those customs forms they hand out on the plane. These gel pens are a fun option with different colors and quick-dry ink.

cute pastel pill case amazon cheap

Pill case

Keep your pills organized with these cute and compact pastel pill cases.

cheap makeup pads reusable ultra-soft amazon

Makeup remover pads

Eco-friendly, reusable makeup pads made of organic cotton and bamboo cotton. They are lightweight and easy to pack.

travel shopping tote bag ChicoBag VITA amazon

Shopping tote bag

I use my travel tote for grocery shopping and occasionally as an office bag. The ChicoBag VITA tote is durable, lightweight, compact, and has a 40 pound carrying capacity.

travel lock amazon digital nomads cheap gear


Travel locks are best when you plan on traveling in hostels or going to gyms and using their lockers.

makeup wipes for travel amazon

Makeup remover wipes

These Pacifica makeup wipes are rose and coconut scented, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

More essential digital nomad gear

These items aren’t all packable digital nomad gear but they are definitely essentials!

1. Passport

2. Travel Visa

Depending on your nationality you may need to acquire a travel visa for the country you are visiting. Visit the country’s consulate website for more information.

3. Travel Insurance

Check if your regular insurance covers you abroad before you buy travel insurance. If you are not covered abroad, there are digital nomad travel insurance companies such as SafetyWing that offers fairly inexpensive plans.

4. Sim card

Usually, it is best to buy your sim card when you arrive in the new country (they usually sell them at the airports) because this is the cheapest option. However, there are also apps like Airlo that offer e-sims which is very convenient, although usually more expensive.

5. Credit card

Make sure to find a credit card (or debit card) without foreign transaction fees! In the United States, some great credit card options for travelers are Chase Sapphire, United Explorer, or a Charles Schwab debit card.

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