7 Best Redding Coffee Shops with Wifi 2023

I’ve written coffee shop blogs all throughout my travels—from Thailand to Spain to Mexico—but I had never made one for my hometown, Redding. I recently visited home and decided it was time to compile a list of my favorite coffee shops.

Enjoy, and make sure to check out my blog on the best coffee shops in Chico, California as well!

Theory Coffee Roasters

theory coffee, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

Highlights: Great coffee, outdoor seating, natural lighting, modern aesthetic

Downsides: Slightly expensive, busy

Theory Coffee Roasters is my go-to coffee shop when I need to get work done. They have two locations: one in downtown Redding (California St.) and the other on Hilltop Dr. I prefer the one on Hilltop because it has more natural lighting and more open space but both are great options. Theory is more expensive than other coffeehouses in Redding but it’s worth it for the coworking vibes, amazing coffee, and aesthetic interior.

Hours (California St.): Mon-Sun 7 am-5 pm

Hours (Hilltop Dr.): Mon-Sun 7 am-6 pm

Evergeen Coffee Shop + Boutique Hotel

evergreen coffee shop and boutique, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

Highlights: Beautiful interior, great espresso, can order online

Downsides: Limited seating and outlets, slightly expensive

Evergreen is a fairly new coffee shop located in the downtown area and probably wins the award of cutest cafe in Redding. Besides being an adorable place to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, it is a decent work location with free wifi. However, it can get fairly loud and there aren’t many outlets or seats.

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-5 pm

Caffé Pagato

caffe pagato italian coffeehouse, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

Highlights: Fun coffee drinks, good food, location

Downsides: Closes early, closed on weekends

This Italian cafe does not have the cutest interior—it gives deli vibes—but they do offer a wide variety of drinks, pastries, and brunch foods, as well as free wifi and plenty of seating. It is also a cheaper option than Evergreen or Theory Coffee so it’s a good fit if you’re a student on a budget.

Hours: Mon-Thurs 7 am-4 pm, Friday 7 am-3 pm

Stirring Coffeehouse

stirring coffeehouse, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

Highlights: Open space, lots of seating and outlets

Downsides: Location, busy, slightly expensive

Stirring Coffeehouse is owned and operated by the Stirring Church so it is mostly frequented by church members. It is typically a place for people to chat over a cup of coffee so the environment can be distracting at times. However, it is still a good place to get work done (especially if you have noise-canceling headphones).

Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am-5 pm, Saturday 8 am-2 pm, Sunday 8 am-1 pm

From The Hearth Kitchen and Pie Shop

from the hearth kitchen and pie shop, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

Highlights: Good brunch, smoothies, pastries, lots of seating

Downsides: Restaurant vibe, limited outlets

I prefer to work at cafes—rather than restaurants—but I have to admit that From The Hearth Kitchen has a lot to offer. With fantastic food, free wifi, and outdoor seating, you really can’t ask for more. It’s also one of the best bakeries in Redding so you can buy a post-work pie before you head home. They have three sit-down locations—College View, Market St., and Churn Creek Rd—but the one on Market St. is my favorite since it’s in downtown Redding and has the most seating.

Hours (all locations): Mon-Sat 7 am-8 pm, Sunday 7 am-6 pm

Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe

tea bar& fusion cafe, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

Highlights: Good food and drinks, outdoor seating, open late

Downsides: Restaurant vibe, busy, limited outlets

Although the name suggests that it’s a cafe, the Tea Bar definitely feels more like a restaurant. It can get loud since most people come here to eat but I still enjoy working here occasionally. The booths are comfortable, outdoor seating is available, the staff is very sweet, and their food/drinks are amazing (I highly recommend trying their BBQ salmon bowl and Mango Madness Frost). They also offer so many different types of drinks—although there isn’t a coffee bar—like boba tea, smoothies, frosted tea latte, sparkling tea, and iced tea.

Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am-8 pm


starbucks coffee, best coffee shops in redding, ca with wifi

There are several Starbucks in Redding but my preferred locations for working are on E Cypress Ave and Churn Creek Rd & I-5. These are the locations that have the most seating and the best natural lighting. I don’t work here often because there are plenty of local coffeehouses in Redding but if I need to work late Starbucks is one of the few cafes that is open past 5 pm.

Hours (E Cypress Ave): Mon-Sat 5:30 am-8:30 pm, Sunday 6 am-8 pm

Hours (Churn Creek Rd & I-5): Mon-Thur 5 am-9 pm, Friday 5 am-9:30 pm, Saturday 5:30 am-9:30 pm, Sunday 5:30 am-9 pm

I hope this list was helpful! Check out my other coffee shop recommendations in Chico, Oaxaca, Lisbon, Porto, San Sebastián, Chiang Mai, and Barcelona as well!

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