6 Best Coffee Shops with Wifi in Chico, CA

I would have never guessed but Chico, California is a surprisingly decent digital nomad destination. It is cheaper than most other areas of California, has great nightlife for a small town, lots of young people (thanks to CSU Chico), and plenty of coffee shops for working.

Here’s a list of my favorite coffee shops with wifi that Chico, CA has to offer, enjoy! And if you happen to journey a little farther north, make sure to check out my blog for the best coffee shops in Redding, CA.


top coffee shops chico, ca, stoble

Highlights: great coffee, natural lighting, downtown location, so many seating options

Downsides: closes at 4 pm, slightly expensive

If I could only work at one coffee shop in Chico, Stoble would be my top pick. Sure, it’s a bit pricey and closes earlier than I’d like but it has just about everything else you could want. They have the best coffee in Chico, natural lighting, plenty of seating, fast wifi, and great coworking vibes. One of my favorite parts of Stoble is all of the different levels: downstairs lounge (with outlets and couches), ground floor (with a long table that works as a standing desk), second floor (with a fun bird’s eye view of the cafe), and even a terrace. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, they also have an amazing coworking space.

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-4 pm

Naked Lounge

top coffee shops chico, ca, naked lounge

Highlights: great coffee and teas, unique style and vibe

Downsides: closes at 4 pm, not a lot of natural lighting

The Naked Lounge comes in second place, it is slightly cheaper than Stoble and has a unique vibe but the seating fills up quickly and most of the cafe is rather dark (despite what the photo above suggests). It is still a great place to work, especially on a rainy day when it feels extra cozy. They also offer unique drinks like Mexican mocha, iced Thai coffee, and London fog.

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-4 pm

Daycamp Coffee

best coffee shops chico, ca, daycamp coffee

Highlights: great coffee, natural lighting, modern interior, lots of seating

Downsides: closes at 4 pm, far from downtown

Daycamp Coffee is another great coffeehouse for working and could even rival Stoble if it were more centrally located. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful cafe with natural lighting, an open design, great coffee, and a chill atmosphere.

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-4 pm

Bidwell Perk

best coffee shops chico, ca, bidwell perk

Highlights: outdoor seating, good food, can order online

Downsides: closes at 4 pm, gets busy and loud

Bidwell Perk is a popular spot for students and workers alike; they have indoor and outdoor seating, free wifi, and it isn’t too far from downtown Chico. They aren’t known for amazing coffee but they do offer a creative menu (like Honey Cream Latte or Cherry Blossom White Mocha) and a wide variety of brunch foods.

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-4 pm

The Grateful Bean Coffee House

best coffee shops chico, ca, grateful bean

Highlights: opens at 5:30, good prices, lots of seating, can order online

Downsides: location, crowded

Another popular study spot is The Grateful Bean Coffee House. It’s often busy but there is plenty of seating and doesn’t get too loud. The prices are fair and they have good wifi but it is far from downtown Chico.

Hours: Sun-Fri 5:30 am-5 pm, Saturday 5:30 am-4 pm

Mondos Coffeehouse

best coffee shops chico, ca, mondos coffeehouse

Highlights: opens at 6 am, great sandwiches, good prices

Downsides: closes at 3 pm, gets busy and loud

Mondos Coffeehouse is a cozy work spot that is especially popular with students, probably because of the cheap prices. Coffee isn’t their speciality but their bagel sandwiches more than make up for it. They have a good amount of seating, some outlets, and it’s located near CSU Chico.

Hours: Mon-Sun 6 am-3 pm

I hope this list was helpful! Check out my other coffee shop recommendations in Redding, Oaxaca, Lisbon, Porto, San Sebastián, Nice, Chiang Mai, and Barcelona as well!

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