10 Best Cafes to Work in Chiang Mai 2023

If you work online and love coffee shops, Chiang Mai is your new heaven on earth. The cafes here offer incredible coffee at cheap prices, interesting decor, open spaces, free wifi, and all of the amenities needed to work for hours. I think the amount of amazing coffee shops is what single-handedly attracts so many expats and digital nomads to Chiang Mai (okay and the culture, safety, affordability, and food). So here are my top 10 favorite coffee shops for working in Chiang Mai, Thailand plus my review of Alt Coworking & Coliving (where I stayed for a month).

1. Cool Muang Coffee

cool muang coffee chiang mai

Highlights: Great coffee, air conditioning, comfortable outdoor seating

Downsides: Limited/uncomfortable seating in indoor areas with a.c.

This is one of my favorite coffee shops in Chiang Mai, Cool Muang is unique in its layout: a patio with comfortable seating, a glass-cased air-conditioned meeting room, and a rustic room with a street view. Besides the variety of seating options, they also have amazing lattes and fast wifi (no matter where you are seated). The only downsides are that the indoor seating is not very comfortable and there are limited outlets.


stories cafe chiang mai

Highlights: Huge menu and lots of healthy food options, plenty of outlets, good coffee

Downsides: The seating isn’t very comfortable

STORIES is at the edge of the old city, close to Cool Muang, and is a great place to work and eat. They have one of the biggest menus of all the Chiang Mai cafes and plenty of healthy plates. They have fast wifi, lots of outlets, and air conditioning; and although it is a restaurant, the staff doesn’t mind if you stay a while.

3. BeansLiquor

Highlights: Plenty of seating, open late, strong wifi, great coffee

Downsides: Loud (and not good) music, seating isn’t very comfortable

Cafe by day and bar by night, BeansLiquor is a fun place to work, as long as you have noise-canceling headphones or really love loud pop hits. The top floor has a lot of natural lighting but the seats aren’t as comfortable, and the middle floor has comfy booths but they fill up fast.

4. Artisan Cafe

artisan cafe chiang mai

Highlights: Cozy interior, great espresso

Downsides: Not the best wifi, closes earlier than other coffee shops

Artisan Cafe offers a refined rustic atmosphere, great coffee, and a nice variety of seating options (love chairs, sofa, bigger tables, etc). However, the wifi is pretty terrible so it is best to have a hotspot.

5. Carrot Cafe

carrot cafe chiang mai

Highlights: Lots of seating, unique industrial design, delicious pastries/food

Downsides: Okay coffee, limited outlets

This industrial-style coffee shop recently opened in the Old City and they offer unique pastries (like carrot cake, of course) and drinks (such as honey lemon soda, orange cold brew, and espresso yen) as well as a quiet work environment. I personally didn’t like the coffee but it is still a great place for remote work.

6. The Barisotel

the barisotel chiang mai

Highlights: Plenty of seating with outlets, modern interior, amazing lattes, espressos, and cold brew

Downsides: A bit pricier than other coffee shops

The ultimate hidden gem in the Nimman area, The Barisotel is definitely my favorite coffee shop (although, Cool Muang takes a close second). Everything from the minimalist design to the abundance of outlets to the quiet atmosphere makes this the perfect place to study or work. There are always so many digital nomads working here but there’s enough space for everyone. I also highly recommend their peach cold brew or charcoal latte!

7. My Secret Cafe in Town

my secret cafe in town chiang mai

Highlights: Healthy food and smoothies, good coffee

Downsides: No air conditioning, limited seating and outlets

This cafe is tucked away in the Old City, right next to Akha Ama Coffee, and is best for remote workers who want free wifi and healthy Thai food. I enjoyed the homey feel of this cafe along with the abundance of plants but didn’t love how hot it can get in the afternoon and the lack of space.

8. Akha Ama Coffee

akha ama coffee chiang mai

Highlights: Best coffee in Chiang Mai, lots of seating

Downsides: No outlets

If you want the best cup of coffee in Chiang Mai, definitely try Akha Ama Coffee for delicious specialty coffee with creative latte art. They have a beautiful open design with lots of natural lighting on the top floor, free water, and fast wifi; just make sure to charge your computer before you go, as they don’t have any outlets.

9. Zohng Coffee

zohng coffee chiang mai

Highlights: Great brunch food, artistic interior, outlets

Downsides: No air conditioning, a bit noisy

This is ideal for early morning work, they have great breakfast foods, chill music, and overall good vibes. However, it isn’t the best in the afternoon since it does get hot and they don’t have air conditioning.

10. Fern Forest Cafe

fern forest cafe chiang mai

Highlights: Incredible brunch, beautiful garden patio, great coffee

Downsides: Limited outlets and indoor seating

Fern Forest is a mini oasis in the Mueang Chiang Mai District with the best brunch in Chiang Mai and an amazing garden. If you love outdoor spaces and want to feel like you’re working in a little fairy garden, this is the place. Make sure to try their Thai coffee and pancakes!

Alt Coworking & Coliving

alt coworking and coliving chiang mai

Highlights: Strong wifi, air conditioning, open 24 hours (for members), the top floor is a silent area, several meeting rooms available 

Downsides: Not a very social space for meeting other digital nomads and a bit pricier (in comparison to working at a cafe)

I stayed at Alt Coworking & Coliving for one month and absolutely loved my stay. It was my first coliving experience and it was even better than I imagined; I met incredible people, participated in new activities (like ice baths), and had a safe and comfortable place to call home. I appreciated the modern design of the coworking space and bedrooms, the immaculate cleanliness of the entire building, and how helpful the staff was. Without a doubt, I would recommend Alt. However, there are a few situations where Alt might not be the best choice for you. If you are only doing the coworking and hoping to make friends this way, I don’t think this would be the best bet. People don’t really talk in the coworking space and most of the social activities are for the coliving residents. Also, if you only need a place to work for a day or two and want to save money, I would recommend just going to a cafe.

Other Chiang Mai Cafes and Coworking Spaces:

Wabi sabi coffee

  • In the Nimman area, on siri mangkalajarn, they have a good cup of coffee and a cozy interior


  • A cozy cafe tucked away on a quiet street in the old city
  • Seating is very limited

Yellow Coworking Space

  • Modern, social coworking space with fast wifi

I’ll say coffee & space

  • Cute coffee shop with great coffee and pastries

Ombra Caffe

  • Quiet space with chill vibes and good coffee

Heartwork the Sharing Space

  • Coworking space with affordable food and coffee, peaceful atmosphere, and strong wifi

Passion Project Cafe & Creative Space

  • Quiet cafe with air conditioning, outdoor seating, food, and drinks

I hope this list was helpful! Check out my other coffee shop recommendations in Oaxaca, Lisbon, Porto, San Sebastián, and Barcelona as well!

3 responses to “10 Best Cafes to Work in Chiang Mai 2023”

  1. I appreciated your balanced account of each cafe. Rather than focus on the positives or the negatives, you provided how each café had something to offer and may be of interest to certain types of travelers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There is more interesting coworking spaces in Chiang Mai:

    The Story 106 – coworking cafe
    Hub53 – coworking and coliving space
    The Social Club – just opened coliving and coworking space in the Old Town (not far from Alt)
    Cowork Cafe – new coworking space nearby Maya

    As far as I know COCO KALA is dead.


    1. Good to know, thanks James!


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