The Astrological Signs as Yoga Styles

This should be taken 100% seriously and now you can only do the one type of yoga according to your zodiac sign.

Aries/Power Yoga

As a fire sign, Aries’ would have to be a yoga style that makes you sweat. This sign also tends to get bored easily, so they need variety in their classes and power yoga is not like other practices (such as Ashtanga) that generally use the same postures. Aries’ are also very ambitious and treat everything like a game; power yoga can certainly be ranked as one of the most competitive classes to take. Ever taken a CorePower class? The front row is 80% Aries’ and 20% Leos.

Taurus/Yin Yoga

Earth sign Tauruses would be the calming Yin Yoga practice. Tauruses are grounded, relaxed, and stable just like a gentle Yin Yoga class that holds postures for several minutes and calms you into a meditative state. Tauruses also love to cuddle and Yin Yoga offers that body-like bolster pillow that you get to hug almost continually during class.


If you know a Gemini, then you know that they never stop talking. Hence, an AcroYoga class seems like the only suitable option as it allows for conversation and even a partner who will be forced to engage in said never-ending conversation. Gemini’s are also air signs that are versatile and creative, just as AcroYoga is an ungrounded flow that gives more freedom to the yogis.


Cancer’s are sensitive, emotional, and devoted, making Anusara yoga the perfect fit with its heart opening qualities and focus on spirituality and emotions. Anusara is a gentle practice that isn’t demanding like Rocket or Power Yoga, so this is ideal for Cancer’s who seek comfort rather than challenges.


As a Leo, I hurt my own feelings making this one. But we continue with the stereotypes. Leo’s are fire signs like Aries’, so they need a demanding practice. Rocket yoga with its inversions, quick pace, and Instagrammable asanas is a perfect fit for Leo’s who want all the attention on them.


Virgo’s are the opposite yoga practice from Leo’s, they are humble and grounded, so they don’t need anything flashy or quick-paced. Kundalini yoga is the perfect fit with its focus on the root chakra and enlightenment. This practice is more gentle than others and therefore perfect for Virgo’s who prefer a slower paced life.

Libra/Buti Yoga

Admittedly, I have never tried Buti Yoga but thanks to Google I’m going to pretend I’m an expert. Libra’s need social interaction and Buti Yoga offers this through tribal dance that makes the class feel more like a tribe than a group of people practicing yoga separately. Libra’s also crave balance and harmony, Buti Yoga does just this by aiming to ‘cleanse and release toxic energy’ (Source: Byrdie, thanks Google).

Scorpio/SUP Yoga

As a water sign, it is only fitting that Scorpio’s be represented by SUP Yoga. But besides the aquatic factor, this type of yoga has Scorpio written all over it. You need to be brave when trying this sport, especially if its in the ocean (ever try to do a headstand in the middle of the sea?). It’s that taste of adrenaline and adventure that Scorpio’s seek.


This fire sign deserves a fiery yoga practice, hence Ashtanga yoga. Not only is this one of the sweatiest classes you can take, but it provides that extra challenge that Sagittarius’ crave. Also, since Ashtanga follows the same sequence of asanas, you can clearly see your improvement which is very important to a Sagittarius.


Capricorn’s are gentle earth signs that prefer structure and stability over competition and challenges. Integral yoga matches these needs and provides a healthy, responsible way to take care of your body. This yoga practice is more adult-like, just like Capricorns; there is less play/jumping/sweating and more resting and intentional movements.


As an air sign, it is only fitting that Aquarius be represented by AeroYoga. It is the perfect way to feel like you’re flying and is a more playful practice than most. Aquarius’ also need freedom and what is more freeing than hanging upside down while swinging on two silks?


And finally the Pisces that craves imagination and artistic creativity. In a Vinyasa class you have the freedom to move however feels right and the flows tend to be more creative than other yoga styles. As an affectionate person, Pisces’ also appreciate romantic movements, which are provided by Vinyasa classes (just look at that Wild Thing asana up above).

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